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Connecting creativity with industry expertise.

The world of film & video is a complex, sometimes thrilling, and always exhausting sector to work in. We’ve had years of experience working in and with some of the brightest people in the industry. Marrying accounting expertise with a love for the craft has led us to support the next generation of creators, producers, lighting teams, stuntmen and many more, on their journey to create something unique.

It’s likely you’ve got lots on your plate, so finding the resources and time to focus is your highest priority. Let us handle the money, and the planning, and guide you through the numbers as quickly as possible.

We can help you maximise your expenses allowance, find tax reliefs or support you in growing your ideas out so they can be backed up financially.

In the past we’ve helped clients access funding through EIS, grants and Film Tax Relief.

Let’s talk about how we fit into your film journey, and how we can help you balance your finances with your life.

Find out how Film Locker uses our services

Kieron O’Brien, Filmlocker


“Alex and the Artisan team have guided me and held my hand as my business has grown over eight years with sound advice, support and simplicity at every turn.”

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