Cashflow forecast

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Trying to predict the future can be somewhat unnerving at the best of times, especially when money is involved. At the same time, though, you have to consider every eventuality if you want to stay on top of your finances.

This is where cashflow forecasting comes in. Rather than just wildly guessing how much money your business may make over your chosen forecast period, our team will look at your previous income and use that as the basis of your future cashflow forecast.

By analysing your books and accounts, we can find a realistic income figure which will help you make your business decisions. As you’ll have some idea of where your business will be financially, you can plan accordingly and look at ways to reinvest the money wisely.

Your cashflow forecast will also become an essential part of your business plan, showing investors and lenders that you’re business-minded and understand the ebbs and flows of your market.

Your cashflow projections can be used in tandem with your budgeting to make sure your cashflow remains positive. If you notice that you’re spending more than you’re making, you’ll see all of the indicators sooner rather than later, allowing you to curb your expenses.


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