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Being able to reward your team for their hard work can be a joy in itself. One way you could do this is by providing them with a company share scheme. Not only will this give them a vested interest in your company, but it will give them a motivational boost, too

Unfortunately, though, it isn’t as straightforward as just rewarding each staff member with shares; the tax implications alone would detract from the generosity of the share scheme.

That’s why we’re here to advise you on the best Government-approved way of sharing schemes with your team. By choosing the right one, you’ll give them recognition for their time with your company – as well as cutting the tax costs.

One of the most popular schemes out there is the enterprise management incentive (EMI), which is available to employees who spend 75% of their working week at your company. Intended for development companies, employees will only pay income tax on the value of their shares when awarded, as well as pay a lower capital gains tax rate.

If you want to incentivise and reward your team, get in touch with Artisan to discuss your share options.


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