Creative Industry Tax Reliefs

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Creative industries in the UK are in a lucky position – they can reduce their corporation tax liability with the use of industry-specific tax reliefs. If that’s you, you’ll be able to reclaim costs of allowable expenditure, as well as any losses you incur over your tax year.

Your company can claim these reliefs if you pay corporation tax and are directly involved in the production of:

  • films
  • high-end television
  • children’s television
  • animated television
  • video games
  • theatre productions
  • orchestral concerts
  • museum or gallery exhibitions.

Before you apply, though, you may need to undergo a cultural test through the British Film Institute (BFI). At Artisan, we’ve helped countless companies go through the process of the BFI test and submit their following returns.

If successful, the BFI will issue you with an interim certificate of uncompleted work and a final certificate when the work is completed.

Currently, tax relief is available on 80% of the total core production costs carried out in the UK. We can advise you on the best ways to complete your project while receiving the maximum amount of relief.

If you’re eligible to claim these tax reliefs, talk to us today.

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