Outsourcing for Your Business

Outsourcing could be exactly the right solution for many businesses right now. On the one hand, businesses are facing the challenge of “pivoting” their business to survive the Covid recession.   On the other financial resources are more stretched than ever. So adding new tasks or services will be daunting. The answer could lie in outsourcing.  Outsourcing is when a business uses a third party (not an employee of the business) to perform a service that the company used to perform itself.

It might seem like a big step and there are certainly pros and cons, both for and against.  But if you’ve ever considered it, take a look at our list of advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing for your business.


Let’s Start with Some Cons

  • Work standard – You’ve got your way of doing things and outsourcing might not live up to your expectations.
  • Delivery – without you in control delivery might be late, or non-existent
  • Lack of control – Did we say control? You will have to hand over a certain amount of control and that can be more difficult for some than others!
  • Communication issues – different time zones and methods of communication can lead to potential miscommunication, mistakes or bottlenecks.
  • Lack of flexibility – The  terms of your contract could be too confining when things change.
  • Management difficulties – We’re back to control again and changes at the outsourcing company could lead to friction.
  • Instability – We’re starting to think you are a control freak, but yes, the company you’ve outsourced to could go out of business.


So, you’ve thought about the downsides. However, there is a more optimistic take.

 Here Are Some Pros!

  • You don’t have to hire more employees – This saves you a lot of money from recruitment and training, to employee benefits. The money saved could go into more outsourcing or training for your current employees.
  • You have access to a larger talent pool – Ironically, although the quality is a worry for business owners who outsource, outsourcing can give you access to skills you could not afford to recruit directly, giving you better quality than if you just asked an employee to take it on who does not have the same level of knowledge or training.
  • You can offer more value to your clients – you can add on new or specialised services for your clients that you don’t normally deliver.
  • Sharpens your competitive advantage – By outsourcing your are positioned to  leverage knowledge and skills that you don’t have in your team. This allows you to offer additional services and expertise so that you can out-compete the market.
  • Helps relieve bottlenecks within your team– By outsourcing some services, particularly systematic ones, you can free your internal team up to deliver a personal and highly valuable  to clients.  It can also leave more time to focus on main tasks that will actually grow the business.
  • You can be in control – Outsourcing is often seen as a cost-saving opportunity. While this is certainly a benefit, it is not always as cut and dried as it seems. After all, you may be outsourcing something you previously took care of in-house so there is no immediate reduction in your costs. But outsourcing can give you control. You agree the level of service you need and the price that goes with it. If you’re not happy, the outsourcer will put it right, or you can drop them.


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