Close up of a work monitor with desk clutter, and the title 5 Simple Rules for Working from Home

5 Simple Rules for Working from Home



Our staff are quite a diverse bunch. We pride ourselves on that and our flexible working approach.  Working from home is common-place now, especially if you are running your own creative business. But keeping motivated and creative can be challenging, so we’ve gathered together some of the best tips for working from home, that we find useful.


No 1. Make sure you have a dedicated work space.


Now, we don’t mean a tidy desk.  In fact studies show that those of us with messy desks are the most creative (yes!!), but we do mean make sure you have a space where you can leave all the materials you need for productive work, without running the risk that crucial items will be filed away under  ‘ironing’!  It will also help you establish boundaries if you share your home with other members or children.  Make sure it’s clear that when you are at your workspace, you are effectively in the office.  Don’t speak, don’t speak.  No don’t say a word.



No 2. Get your discipline on.


Just because you are working from home, doesn’t mean you can lounge around in your leopard print onesie until 30 mins before that project is due.  That’s not to say you should work 9 to 5 and wear a suit.  Work at the time that best suits you (that’s one of the main reasons you have your business, for goodness sake) but be faithful to the hours you have scheduled for work each day and arrive at your workspace promptly, togged up and ready to go.



No 3. Get social.


No, not Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Working from home is a wonderfully flexible adaptation for our busy modern lives, but it can lead to social isolation and that could result in a lack of motivation or even depression.  Make sure you make some time in your schedule to get some exercise and to meet up, live, with other homo sapiens.  Remember, you are saving all that time on travel, so you can afford to make some time to look after yourself and your work will benefit from it.



No 4.  No housework.


This is a hard one if you are the kind of person who notices every little thing and can’t relax until you clear those dishes away or put the recycling out.  But housework must be strictly out of bounds when you are in your work-time.  Otherwise, you will overlap your work-time with your persona- time on the other side and life will seem like one long monotonous round of work, work, work.   In work-time you are doing your job.  Housework is NOT your job. Unless it is, in which case, get on with it!



No 5. Value your freedoms.


Whether you’ve chosen to work from home as a lifestyle choice, or you have started your own business at your kitchen table (did you not read point No1??), working from home brings ups and downs.  Try to make the most of the freedoms that come with this work style.  So, whether that means sitting on your balcony for half an hour when the sun comes out, or cursing at that political show while you eat the fifth cheese sandwich that week, enjoy it.  There are workers out there who would love to be in your position.



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