Your Expenses, Made Easy…with Receipt Bank

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that at Artisan Accounts we love three things.

  1. Saving you time
  2. A good app
  3. A good app that saves you time

That’s why we’ve been a dedicated user of Receipt Bank for several years now and why we encourage so many of our clients to use it.  In fact, we’ve recently become a Gold member, which means that many of our clients are already working with it and reaping the benefits.


Why Receipt Bank?

We’ve all had bad experiences keeping track of receipts and expenses.  For some, it’s so painful it’s easier not to do it at all, but Receipt Bank changes all of that.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You take a picture of a receipt with your mobile phone (you can also forward e-mails, upload images and more)
  2. Receipt Bank reads the receipt and extracts all the key information. Yes, it’s that clever.
  3. You “publish” the receipt, which pushes it into Xeroc, but you can also download a report or publish to other apps.
  4. Shred (and recycle) the receipt. No need to clutter up your office or your shoe boxes, you can always retrieve the scan if you need it from either Xero or Receipt Bank.
  5. You wonder what to do with all the time you’ve saved.

Receipt Bank’s ability to scan your receipts effortlessly and quickly, is a real game changer for small businesses, saving time and therefore money. It’s a major contribution to automating bookkeeping processes and making real-time accounting possible. No more data entry AND up to date information.

RB so improves accuracy. You can set rules for suppliers, so that bills are always treated in the same way (cost categorisation and VAT treatment, for example). But the app is also smart enough to learn how you categorise things and make suggestions.


Expense Reports

You can also use RB for expense reports. RB compiles selected receipts into an expense report that you can customise and amend, and publish it to Xero when you’re happy with it. What could be better?

Take a look at RB’s video on adding expenses and running reports, to see just how easy it can be.

Think about this: get everyone in your team to download the app and snap their receipts as they go along. Use the receipts to compile expense reports and refund their expenses. No more excuses for lost receipts.


And it’s always getting better

The great team at Receipt Bank are always innovating and improving the app. We’ve already had features like auto-publish and smart split. And most recently, they’ve introduced Invoice Fetch. Yes, RB goes to selected suppliers, and actually fetches the invoices as they’re issued. Eligible suppliers include some of those awkward ones, like mobile phone companies, Amazon and more.


Over to you

Get in touch and we’ll set you up with a trial account. And don’t forget to download the app on your mobile phone.  No more lost receipts, no more scratching your head trying to remember what illegible receipts were for exactly, and no more laborious data entry getting your receipts transcribed.

Welcome to the future.



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