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Online Quotes in Xero

Many businesses don’t realise how important quotes are to their business, nevermind online quotes.  Obviously, they generate business but being too slow to turn quotes around or failing to follow up with them in a timely manner, can lose you business.

Online quoting with Xero can help resolve this, providing a quick and easy way to invoice online.  Saving you time and eliminating confusion along the way. Businesses that use online quotes get paid faster than those that use traditional methods such as invoices sent as PDF attachments.

In Xero, your quote is sent with a link that your client or prospect can click on and accept straight away.  Being able to see when a contact has viewed their quote gives you a better insight into the right time to follow up.  Also, any changes are made in real time, so your client sees them at the same time. Seeing your lead’s response in real time means you can respond anytime, anywhere and take full advantage of every opportunity.

It’s then easy to convert online quotes into invoices which just helps to keep the whole process moving.

You can see a summary of all  your quotes in one place draft, sent, in progress and accepted, meaning you are always on top of things. This makes it easier to understand the work coming up and any scaling you may need to do accordingly.

The fun bit is that your quotes are all completely customisable, so you can give them your businesses personal stamp. Get started today and see the diffrence.  Contact us now to find out more; Tel: +44 (0)20 8819 8762


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