Invoicing with Xero

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Invoicing with Xero, could change your life! Do you remember when raising invoices were an enormous pain?  When you had to copy across the amount and details from one software to another.  Check to make sure the currency was in the correct format for that client, make sure you had given it the right unique invoice number, make sure that all the cells were expanded properly to show the correct amounts, then save it all off as a PDF, and then save it off as a PDF again, after you’d noticed the mistake you’d made.  Just glad that you had noticed the mistake and not your client?  Thanks to cloud accounting, those days are over, or at least they should be.  Raising an invoice couldn’t be easier.  It’s just clicking a few buttons. Check out this short video from the folks at Xero to show you how.


Xero logo with the words Invoicing with Xero

Create an invoice in Xero


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