Budgets in Xero


When you’re thinking about the new financial year, it makes sense to start off with a budget. Pinning down your budget at the start of the financial year (or any time for that matter) will enable you to see problems or issues that are coming up further down the line. Using this information, you can more intelligently plan your year; from employee expansion or contraction, corresponding changes in your studio space and materials, and modifying behaviour to facilitating cash shortages and (hopefully) times of more free-flowing cash-flow.


In our experience, the first version of the budget can often be a painful reality check. It highlights the size of the gap between where we are now and where we want to be. Understanding how to bridge that gap is an essential part of the process.


Your budget is also a super measuring stick by which to consider how efficiently your strategies and processes are working and discover what changes you need to make along the way to meet your targets.


Basically, your budget is one of the essential building blocks for your growing business. And by using Xero to create your budgets, it doesn’t have to be difficult. See how easy it is here.

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