Welcome to Artisan Accounts!!

We’re all thrilled to welcome you to Artisan Accounts and we hope it’s the start of a long and happy relationship.

We try to keep the bureaucracy to a minimum but there are a number of formalities as we kick things off. Some of these may already have been dealt with. If not, look out for e-mails dealing with:

  • Contract. We send an online contract to each business or person.
  • Direct debit. Payment is by direct debit through GoCardless: please complete your bank details and authorise it.
  • Confirmation of ID. We need a copy of photo id (passport or driving licence) and a separate proof of address (utility bill or bank statement). You can upload it here.
  • Apps. If we are setting up any apps (e.g. Xero and Receipt Bank), you will get an invite to sign up. We also provide some guidance to get you started. Alternatively, please give us access to your apps.
  • Those pesky references. UTRs, NI numbers, Companies House authentication code and various other tax references… we need them all. We’ll be asking for them… Can’t wait? jump right in with our Client Information form.
  • It’s also where you can give us Professional Clearance. If you’ve been working with another accountant, we will write to them for the references and other paperwork we need.
  • Social media. Yes, we want you to like us (and we will like you too). Our social media guru will be asking you for all that.
  • And… well, this is a standard list, to be sure we don’t miss anything out. If there’s anything else, we’ll be in touch about that too.

Please don’t feel overwhelmed, we promise to make everything as painless as we possibly can. So that we can get down to the real work.

If you’ve any concerns, please call or e-mail.


Keeping in touch with us is so easy.  Please download our app from Google Play or iTunes. This contains useful information about tax rates, etc. and also some very nifty calculators for taxes, loan repayments, and so on.

Join our mailing list. We aim to share useful news and information with you on a regular basis, without swamping you with jargon.

Connect with or follow us on social media. We are more or less active on FacebookTwitterYoutube, Instagram, and LinkedIn

Our blog can be found on the website.


Richmond Office

151 Sheen Lane


SW14 8LR

Tel. 020 8819 8762

Wembley Office (and postal address)

Artisan Affinity Ltd,

12 Hallmark Trading Centre,

Fourth Way,

Wembley HA9 0LB