Is your business fit for Summer?



Summer is knocking on the door, but it’s not too late to make sure that it doesn’t cause disruption to your business.  We’ve collated 9 simple ideas to make sure you business is summer-fit!




1. Get a handle on staff and who you can afford to be away at the same time as you, or as each other.


2. Encourage your staff to book their holidays as far in advance as possible, anticipate any issues and head them off.


3. Where staff are not used to covering for each other, make sure they have time for a proper hand over to cover ongoing projects.


4. Make sure your staff are happy to take on extra work to cover for colleagues. Make it clear that this is a two-way street and as a result others will be expected to cover for them, when they are away.


5. Instruct your employees to leave out-of-office messages in emails and on voicemail. Clear instructions for customers explaining who they should contact if they can’t wait until their usual contact returns, will help avoid frustrations.




6. Customers can also be away over the summer months. Make sure you have access to the right people to authorise payments to your business through the summer, so cashflow is not affected.


7. The same applies to your payments, if the person who authorises payments is away, make sure someone else can authorise in their absence.




8. Strong and stable systems and procedures will help to avoid internal breakdowns in communication. Not to mention make your business make the most of its potential all year round.


9. Does your business have an app? Encouraging your customers to use automated processes, can ensure that the many of the services they need will carry on as usual.


But most importantly of all, have a great summer and make sure that you take a break!


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