How to Motivate Your Employees, Like a Boss.

Studies show that if your employees are happy they work harder, are more engaged and have a much stronger sense of attachment to the company they work for and are less likely to leave.  That’s gold dust for companies, especially in times of financial uncertainty when salaries may be frozen or rising at a snail’s pace.


Creating a motivated and engaged company culture can be relatively easy when you are small and starting out; you all get to know each other so well during all those late nights and weekends working together, it can feel like an extended family where you all have each other’s backs.  But it can be hard to sustain those feelings, and motivate your employees as time goes by and if you grow larger.  So, formalising perks as part of your culture can be a great way of motivating your staff and helping them feel the love.   The good news is that they can be achieved in more ways than in remunerative packages, and although some of them have one off costs implied, they can generally be claimed when calculating profits.

Some great ways to motivate your team…

  • Leave entitlement
  • Flexible working
  • Travel and allowances
  • Promotion
  • Contract work
  • Freelance work
  • Time off in lieu
  • Expense accounts
  • Additional maternity/paternity leave
  • Education and Training
  • Casual days at the office
  • Half days
  • Social events



Education and training is big one that benefits everyone, your company benefits from the additional skills your employees gain and it increases employee loyalty.


In addition, there are lots of new schemes out there offering employees access to discounts for shops, gyms and leisure activities. We recently signed up to Perkbox for our UK employees and we are also looking into apps such as I Done This, and Week Done which are progress tracking software where your team members can share achievements on a daily basis enabling us to encourage and motivate each other and celebrate reaching goals.   It’s early days, and we’ll come back to you later, to fill you in on how it’s working out for us (or not!).


But fundamentally, a crucial “perk” that is often overlooked is a helpful and understanding approach to day to day life.  Any worker who has attempted to juggle work commitments with childcare, aging parents or mental health issues knows that only too well.  Providing employees with the confidence that you’re in their corner is your greatest asset in building mutually beneficial and loyal, strong relationships within your company.


Aw. Coming in for a hug! xxx

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