Meet Our Clients – International Hair Artist Agency

When Nicky Pope started her business, International Hair Artist Agency, in 2010, she may not have envisaged how much it would grow over a relatively short time.  But she now oversees a successful media and events company specifically for the hair industry.

Based on the ambition of supporting hair professionals, Nicky’s growing brands range from; Colour World  an online magazine and annual 2-day event for colourists; the luxury trade magazine TRIBU-TE, which showcases the best the hairdressing industry can offer; Respect, a selective newsletter and blogsite for professionals; and Hair Club Live, an accessible professional community, that includes events such as Open Chair Night – an X-Factor style platform.

All of which, you’ll agree is extremely impressive!

With a background as a journalist and as a magazine publisher, Nicky knew it was important to embrace the digital revolution (music to our ears!) and understand the burgeoning online publishing world.  Having worked for a music agency for many years, she also had an insight into promoting live events – a vital element of the hairdressing industry.  It seemed like the stars were aligning perfectly for what was to come.

Now, International Hair Artist Agency has 5 full-time employees on the payroll and a host of consultants who work with them.  Nicky’s obviously proud of the thriving business that her hard work has delivered.  She’s particularly gratified about devising and launching Colour World, a new style, immersive workshop and show-case event for hairdressers, which has been running successfully for 4 years in the UK and is now on its way towards being licensed in other countries.

From the very beginning, Artisan Accounts have been there to offer support and advice. Nicky was looking for accountants who could understand the way her company grows organically – with the ability to keep up with its evolution.  That meant being able to take up new ideas and develop them, or drop them if they don’t work. Says Nicky, “I figured my business needed someone hands-on and easy to reach. Alex has been my contact since the outset and still makes time to answer emails and calls even when other team members have become points of contact for me.”  So after a meeting to make sure Artisan was the right fit, things were up and running very quickly.

Since then, Nicky and her team have integrated Xero into their finances with support from Artisan.  As one might expect though, Nicky brings a spin to the software and still uses her own method of organising her data, which she then ‘blends’ with Xero! Nicky also seems to really value the business strategy support that Artisan provides.  She says: “As my own company owner and much of the time making decisions alone, it’s great to have the confidence of talking things through with Alex or Tracey. And to have their input on how to streamline my systems, to track different projects and understand what actually works best, and most profitably for my company and the market I’m in.”

So, what’s next for this dynamic business and its many arms? Well as you can imagine, Nicky is now planning to licence some products and work with businesses outside the UK. While at the same time she hopes to employ more staff and maximise the potential of the existing products and services. By doing this Nicky plans to achieve her long-term goal, to be able to take time out for herself and her family.

“Eventually I’ll move away and hope to have a great team running things for me.”

That’s our plan too Nicky!

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