Meet Our Clients – Film Locker

Film Locker are a data storage company working with film makers, advertising agencies, brands and TV production companies. They specialise in working with the huge data captured during professional film making.

The company was founded in 2012, with some help from friends and family. Everything went into the business and to begin with, like many start-ups, and the team didn’t take salaries until a friendly investor saw the possibilities.

Work/Life Balance

Although co-founder and film director, Keiren O’Brien, jokes about world domination and dreams of avarice being the motivation for Film Locker, it’s easy to see that a healthy, fulfilling work-life balance is the real aim.  The team are happy to be still having fun and though they have enjoyed great achievements, including landing huge advertising agencies for clients, they are equally proud of being instrumental in influencing the way companies and the broader film industry works. On a personal note, Keiren’s also delighted to have welcomed a new baby.

“Work’s great, but without a life outside to inform what you do, it can all be for nothing, especially in the tough times.”

Film Locker came to Artisan Accounts when they found they were getting out of their depth with the finance and business side of the company, which was falling behind while they were still managing everything else a new business needs.  “We were rubbish at the business of doing business!” Keiren jokes.

When asked what he was looking for in an accountant, Keiren is very clear; honesty, humour, patience, advice and the ability to understand where they were trying to get to.  A director on FilmLocker was already a client of Artisan Accounts and recommended the firm to Keiren.  Once meeting with Alex Redmond, Artisan’s founder the choice was a simple one, says Keiren; “ I like Alex a lot but also that he doesn’t just rattle off an answer for the sake of it. He’s willing to take his time to find the correct approach for us.”

How It Worked

After signing up, the Film Locker team found the process of getting going pretty much instantaneous.  His team soon found that there were many services Artisan provided that were invaluable.  These include preparing VAT returns and support with XeroXero was one of the apps that Artisan set Film Locker up with, along with Receipt Bank, and this has resulted in a much simpler process for the company.

Hiring Artisan Accounts has meant that just one person from Film Locker has to get involved in the accounts.  Most of the work is automated or covered by the Artisan team.  The insights it has brought to the business have also been vital, such as cashflow prediction and having a clear view of overdue invoices.

Being deeply involved with the business from the start means Artisan Accounts was able to offer pro-active advice in diverse areas including Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, R&D tax credits and presenting management information for investors.

“Accountancy in the UK for business is never straightforward or clear, but Alex has always helped to make sense of things and taken the pressure off.”

Now Film Locker is looking to the future and has plans to expand in the coming months so that Keiren can focus more on growing the business.  When asked if anything had surprised him about Artisan Accounts, Keiren’s reply is suitably quirky, “How dapper Alex is…”

Forward to world domination!

If you want to know more about Film Locker, visit there website!

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