Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day.

As part of our series of guest blogs for International Women’s Day, we are delighted that our amazing client, Unattended Items, have agreed to join in. Unattended Items is a company created by duo Genevieve Taricco and Scarlett Plouviez Comnas, but they can tell it better than we can….

Unattended Items is an ongoing experiment into the idea of interactivity, motivated by our common interest in presence and connection. Although we are both theatre makers, we both also have an attraction to design and how design can be performative – turning its viewer into an active participant. Creating invigorating and memorable engagement with the arts and with other people is definitely at the core of the company’s ethos.



Unattended Items was founded in early 2015, Scarlett Plouviez Comnas and myself were asked to design and direct a series of immersive performances and interactive games for that year’s Barbican Halloween Ball at the Guildhall. It was a hugely ambitious and large-scale project and we managed not to kill each other…To be honest, we loved working together and we learnt a huge amount from that foray into interactivity.

Initially scheduled for two years, the Unattended Items residency at the Rosemary Branch largely consists of a programme of work that puts the audience’s interaction at the forefront, or experiments with form in another unusual and exciting way.



We are constantly challenging ourselves to think about the entire experience of going to the theatre. From how people buy their tickets, to how they enter the space, and of course most importantly how they encounter and engage with the shows.

Scarlett and I have a real sense of fun about the work that we are doing at the Rosie. Ideally we want audiences to know that they can turn up any night of the week, see a great show and have a raucous night out.

We started doing monthly comedy and improv nights this past autumn. We’ve have really enjoyed the sense of community that having not only returning patrons, but also returning artists brings to the space.

Moving forward in 2017, it’s not so much big projects that we are focused on but the long-term collaborators and the cultivation of a sense of home for those artists at the Rosie. 






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