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International Women’s Day

We wanted to do something to mark International Women’s Day, both to support gender equality and to celebrate the remarkable and everyday achievements of women in business and in life. After a bit of thought we realised that the best way to do it was to hear from our unique and dynamic female clients and their innovative companies.

We’re lucky to have a number of companies run by visionary women on our books; our day in the office would be a lot more boring and mundane without the constant supply of inspiration we glean from clients such as  Unattended Items, Ugly Duck, Ruthless Jabiru, Pom Pom,  Craftivist CollectiveAction Breaks Silence and Mad Lillies to name but a few. What they all have in common is ambition, innovation, and talent.

Click on the links below to read their stories.

And here are links to the websites of some more great companies.

Owl Design

Kiom Therapy

My Studio


Cherry Woods Clinic


Digital Heart

Elisa Palomino


Tide Tables

Jennie Scott Photography

Kettle Yarn Co.


Phoebe Katis Music

Plum and Ivory

Rosie Collins Photography


Stefanie Posavec

Mad Lillies

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