Or Why Online is Best.

The cloud – everyone seems is talking about it and many of us are using it, but for some small businesses, it’s still not part of their day to day experience.  Perhaps they don’t really know what it means, perhaps they are worried about security, but the truth is that small businesses not moving online are being left behind.  



It’s not simply that working online is more modern and more exciting, although that is certainly true. Online apps allow us to update and share information in real time. This helps you manage your business better, make decisions faster and really understand what’s going on. Right now.   If we add the impact of HMRC’s Making Tax Digital agenda and the trend towards everything being be available on demand, we can see that there is no alternative to embracing technology and making it work for us.   This certainly applies to your relationship with your accountant.

We see accounting as a collaborative process, one that is reflected throughout everything we do.  One complaint we often hear about accountants is that tell you what happened, normally quite long after the event. By working with your accountant online, they are better positioned to help you see what’s coming up, while there’s still an opportunity to influence it.   We like to think that, while we operate in the cloud, our feet are very much on the ground. In other words, we don’t chase after technology for its own sake, but only when we can see that it delivers tangible benefits for our clients.The inefficiencies caused by using outdated and piecemeal technologies makes it difficult to systemise processes, which can result in a failure to deliver the highest level of service.  



The most important key to a successful sustainable entrepreneurial business is systemisation.  Systems mean the business is not dependent on a single person because everything that happens is described in a procedure, which means that tasks can be shared more easily among different members of your team. We find that systemisation, automation and app integration strongly complement each other and this Systemisation is a precursor to automation.   Every business is unique and, rather than looking for a single package to run everything, modern teams build their own toolbox of connected apps, to suit their particular circumstances.There are hundreds of apps out there that will help you automate different aspects of your business. In your relationship with your accountant, there are also apps that integrate with each other (Xero – our preferred accounting app – famously integrates with hundreds of other apps to automate your business and make things run better).  And the excitement that people feel from working with cutting edge technologies and the greater freedom they achieve by automating an increasing number of mundane tasks, from data entry to bank reconciliations is truly liberating.  


“The prize – a systemised automated business that can run on auto-pilot and and frees you up to be a leader, a strategist and helps give you the lifestyle you want.”



As a result, we have stepped up our drive to use the best available technology internally to make our work as efficient as possible and we are also now leveraging our online experience to promote better working practices, systemisation and automation among you, our clients. We are passionate about using the cloud to automate processes and we want to use our skills in this area to help you systemise your businesses. We have an arsenal of apps that we use to deliver the very best service with up to the minute results, but we don’t stop there.  We constantly look at new apps, with a view to making us more efficient and/or delivering an improved service to our clients and only the very best and most productive make it onto our recommended list.  



The next version of our own app will provide easier access to the other apps we support and beyond what we are targeting increased personalisation, along with better integration with our website. Online accounting means small business owners stay connected to their data and their accountants. The software can integrate with a whole ecosystem of add-ons. It’s scalable, cost effective and easy to use. We are leading the way in integrating technology and apps to streamline the accounting process.  To find out more about the best apps for us to use together to streamline your business, just drop us a line.

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