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All Hail the Receipts Manager!

Hopefully, you are right on top of your company receipts, but if you are like most people, they are probably in a bit of a mess. Am I right? What do you do with them?  What’s the best way to keep track of them and organise them? Well, we have the answer, our Free Phone App with an easy to use receipts manager.  It’s already been tried and tested with some fantastic results!

Take Charlotte…

One client of mine, Charlotte, had a start-up business and really struggled to organise her receipts.  Every so often, she would try to gather them all together for categorising.  She’d pull them out of pockets, find them at the bottom of her bag, in notebooks, in the glove compartment of her car, and those were just the ones she hadn’t lost.  Charlotte would gather them all together and put them in a plastic carrier bag for sorting out later.

Now, I don’t like to interfere (too much), but this didn’t seem like the best plan for Charlotte’s time. She had a business to run. And luckily for Charlotte, her business was growing and busy, so pretty soon she had TWO plastic carrier bags full of receipts. One stuffed under her bedside table and one hanging on the bannister in her hallway. All for sorting out later.

I decided it was time for an intervention!  So, I persuaded Charlotte to try our app, which has lots of useful features, including the Receipt Manager, to organise your receipts.  Now, Charlotte’s a bit old school, but she gave it a go and started using it to scan her receipts (by taking a picture with her mobile phone) and categorise them. She kept the plastic bags for a little while, but gradually she realised how much easier it was to manage her receipts with Receipts Manager, simply scanning her receipts on the spot and organising them instantly. When she was ready, she could easily export them or delete them altogether if she needed to.   Soon she realised she didn’t need to keep all those scrunched up bits of paper.

Now, thanks to Receipt Manager, her bannister is clear and she has some good books stored in her bedside table, which also addresses her work/life balance (another one of my pet subjects!).  It’s made my life a bit easier too! Now we just have to figure out the best way to recycle all those plastic carrier bags…

If you would like to download the Artisan Accounts app for FREE just click here… You don’t have to be one of our customers to use it, so pass it on!

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