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A couple of weeks ago a few of us from our London bases trekked over to Excel to attend the XeroCon conference.  It’s always a great opportunity to catch up on what new updates Xero are bringing out and step back and take a look at the broader picture of cloud accounting (which as you all know we just love!).


As app lovers, the other great opportunity is to meet up with all the apps that integrate with Xero and muse over which of our clients could gain the most from which plugins.  The two biggest issues many of our clients face are cashflow management and getting paid on time (and they have more than a little to do with each other)!  One app that does a great deal to address these issues through Xero, is Chaser.


Automation with a Human Touch

Chaser is an app that sends automated emails to clients to pay outstanding invoices. The beauty of Chaser is that although it’s automated, it doesn’t lose the human touch and never seeming like it is automated.  In fact some clients tell us that their clients are delighted when they receive messages thanking them for their payments, all part of the service.


Why is it good?

Simply, you are in control, with the ability to;

  1. Customise your emails, so they remain human. Coming from your usual email address and using your regular signature
  2. Tailor the follow up schedule for each customer, a unique pattern for every client if required
  3. Group invoices into one email, where your customer has more than one unpaid invoice. Ensuring they only receive one email per interval, maintaining the personalised touch
  4. Set sending times to fall within your daily working hours. (We have one provider who regularly mails us up to 15 updates in a row, after midnight, every couple of weeks, a sure sign they are automated and extremely annoying!)
  5. Get an email reminder from Chaser the day before any email is sent so you can jump in and stop chasing an invoice if it’s not appropriate (you’ve agreed a payment schedule, for example).


Many of us delay chasing payments because it makes us feel bad.

With Chaser, you just set the rules and it happens automatically. Chaser doesn’t get distracted.  And Chaser’s software will always check that the invoice is still unpaid before sending out a chasing email.  You will never find yourself embarrassed or compromised.  But most importantly, it works. Research shows that 80% of invoices get paid, leaving a much smaller number to chase by phone. And if you do need to call, you can see exactly how many reminders they’ve been sent.



Credit Control Insights

Another advantage Chaser brings is by acting as a depository and central hub for your invoice conversation.  All the emails relating to an individual invoice are held together, meaning you can see its history at a glance.  And so can any other member of your team should they pick it up.  No more searching through inboxes to find the reminder you sent, or the answer they gave.  No more waiting until Johnny or Jacinda comes back in on Monday to see what conversation they had.  Did we mention, you can log phone call history as well?


In addition, the Chaser software empowers you with clearer information to inform decisions on:

  • who you should grant credit to
  • the best way to follow up.

So, the ability to see payment habits and trends will prove invaluable in making credit decisions or deciding what pace to automate chaser emails.

You can see how much time this will save you and your team.  If you’re not already using it, or you don’t think you are utilising it fully, just give us a shout and we’ll give you a hand.


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