Artisan Accounts Win AVN Excellence in Technology Award!



Last Thursday, Artisan Accounts was proud to be honoured at the AVN Conference 2016 with the Excellence in Technology Award 2016.

It was genuinely an emotional day for us as the award was a recognition of the cumulative effect of the work we have been doing for several years now, embracing all the best technology available, with the aim to both provide the most excellent and dynamic service we can for our customers, but to also empower our clients to avail of the advances that will help them grow their business and survive the 21st century.  


Why Have We Won It?


img_7878We experiment a lot. We are typically testing two or three apps at any time.  It’s really important for us to find apps that work for us and our clients.  So we see the possibilities of technology but we make sure that it delivers real benefits in the real world, for our clients and for us.  And that’s an important difference because it’s easy to become seduced by technology, but we feel it is our duty to keep ourselves and our clients rooted in reality.

 What Does It Mean For You?


img_7885Our motivation has been to build something that will make a real difference to our clients. It starts with small things like giving better visibility of what’s coming up in terms of taxes and so on, but the real difference comes from the change of mindset when you realise what technology can do for you… And what we can do for you. Instead of looking in a rear-view mirror, we want all our clients to be looking straight ahead and planning for the future and making great things happen now.


But none of that would be possible without you.  Our wonderful clients.  Thank you for being our client and for all your support.  We couldn’t do any of it without you and we wouldn’t want to.


“Our Head in the Cloud and Our Feet on the Ground”



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