Do you believe in a world free of violence?

We do and we are delighted to support our long time client – Action Breaks Silence


Action Breaks Silence (ABS) is an educational charity established to create a world where women and girls can live their lives free from fear of gender-based violence.


To date, ABS have taught over 60,000 beneficiaries



To show our support, Artisan Accounts will sponsor a 12-week ABS course for a child in South Africa or India, every time we sign a new client.

Each girl or boy receives 12 hours of the programme in 2 x 6 week phases across Grades 5 & 6.


What’s more, if we sign a new client that has been referred through an existing client, we’ll sponsor for a second 12- week course for another child. 



You choose which course you would like us to sponsor…