9 Best Apps For Your Business



It won’t surprise you to hear that we’re completely convinced that making the best use of the best apps available out there will save you and your business time and money.  And after we won the Excellence in Technology Award at AVN last month (have we mentioned that before?!) it got us thinking: what are the top apps for small businesses? 


There’s a plethora of choice out there, but we tried to narrow it down to a handful that any small business owner can try out.  Some are free, some are paid for.  But if you’re not intrigued by any in this list, just experiment for yourself!

Or get in touch – we love talking tech.



Xero offers a real-time version of your accounts and cashflow, anywhere, anytime.  You can log in from Mac, PC, tablet or phone.  If offers the ability to send invoices, get transactions fed straight from your bank and create reports.  Not only can you manage your cash-flow and schedule payments, but it looks lovely and, dare we say, it makes accounts fun. Well, almost.  Xero also integrates with hundreds of other apps, allowing you automate to the max.


2. Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is a great app for businesses struggling with piles of receipts and invoices.  It works by accurately pulling in information from your receipts and invoices quickly and making them available to your software (or your accountant), cutting out the hours of manual labour associated with those tasks.  It also integrates with Xero, meaning you can maximise the potential of both apps. Pretty much all you need to do is take a picture with your phone and you’re done. Bin, we mean, recycle the paper.


3. Drop Box

Every business needs a tool like Dropbox.  Offering safe and secure storage for all your files (get the business version for extra security and functionality), it’s an easy way to share work and send files, meaning you, your team and your collaborators can access materials wherever they are, at any time.  No need for USB sticks or emailing large documents. With an easy to use dashboard, it’s a must.


4. Slack

We’re only really getting started with Slack, but already we can see how invaluable it is.  Organise your team conversations into open channels that everyone invited can contribute to, separate channels out into projects, topics, teams or you decide how. Like most of our favourites, there’s a mobile version so you can keep up with the conversation on the go.


5. Canva

Canva makes graphic design unbelievably simple for anyone, with an easy to use drag and drop design tool.  Choose from hundreds of professionally designed layouts you can use straight away, adjust yourself, or start from scratch to design your own.  There are free elements and photos to choose from, as well as premium images you can pay for, or import your own images and get to work on them.  Canva is great for social media, infographics and flyers, the choices are endless!


6. CrunchBoards

If you’re serious about your business, you’ll be excited by CrunchBoards. There’s gorgeous reports, linked to Xero, but that’s just the start. How about live business plans, performance tracking, KPIs?  It makes us drool. Watch your numbers come to life. And your business grow.


7. Trello

Trello is a really flexible collaboration tool which revolves around blank spaces called ‘boards’.   It’s a great way to give a good overview of a project, helping each team member to have a comprehensive understanding of the processes and allowing for the easy and clear tracking of tasks.  It also integrates with many other apps and with tablet and phone versions, it gives you the power to collaborate, wherever you are.


8. Zapier

Now that you’re using all the amazing time saving apps out there, let Zapier pull them all together to work seamlessly for you.  Often described as a translator that allows apps to talk to each, Zapier gives you the power to integrate with hundreds of other apps to automate your work.  I, for one, welcome our new app overlords!


9. Artisan Accounts

Well, we couldn’t do a piece on the best apps out there for your business without mentioning our own app, could we?!  As with all things technological we were one of the very first accountancy firms in London to offer a free mobile app.  And it’s bursting full of useful features for you and your business.  We could go on all day – there are calculators to help you estimate your tax bill, work out stamp duty (and the cost of a mortgage) and calculate the tax on a company car.  It also includes our own mileage tracker and receipt manager, as well as being a portal to other great apps. All this and it houses a library of tax tables from National Insurance to Inheritance tax.  Once you start using it, you’ll soon find it indispensable, plus you’ll get the first alert to our latest blog through the app, it’s worth it for that alone!


Why did we stop at 9? We’re nothing if not democratic. Let us know which app would complete our top 10.

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