Image of lots of open books laid flat overlapping each other and the title 4 Must Read Books for World Book Day overlaid

World Book Day Is Here!


1st of March is World Book Day and children across the country are struggling to school in the snow dressed as Harry Potter, Isadora Moon, Thing 1, Thing 2 and Peter Rabbit, to name just a few.  It’s a wonderful occasion that reminds us all how powerful books are in our cultural life and imagination.

But it got us thinking, what books would we say are absolute Must Reads for 2018?  Here’s what we have on our list, it’s short, but there’s something for everyone.

  1. 22 Ideas to Fix the World  Through interviews with leaders from Nobel Prize winners to long-time activists, 22 Ideas to Fix the World presents both analysis of past geopolitical events and possible solutions and predictions for the future.
  2. Exponential Organisations Exploring the explosion of company growth through the revolutionary use of technology.  Our pet subject.
  3. How to Be a Craftivist – The art of gentle protest  (Ok, hands up, this amazing book is written by our client, Sarah Corbett, but it is awesome and a real must-read.
  4. Tax Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs  Bit cheeky, really, this one is ours!  But full of great tips and sources of funding through tax breaks.

Whether you try one of these, or have your own list, we wish you a very literary World Book Day!


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